Pricing - Vipromotions


We aim to offer prices that are:

  • competitive in the open market in order to win commercial business to support our activities.
  • affordable for voluntary and community groups and charities with limited funding who might consider Pay As You Feel.

By offering 'Pay As You Feel' we aim to make marketing possible for voluntary, community groups and charities - even if you don't have money to pay a commercial price.  

Pay As You Feel​

The 'Pay As You Feel' principle gives the customer more options on how to pay for the services they wish to receive.

While you can't actually set your own price, we are embracing a model where we will discuss with customers what resources they may have available other than money and see how those customer resources that you do have can best be applied to offset the money that you don't have.

We will always start the discussion with a commercial price - but we will also take into account the nature of the customer, whether a charity, voluntary or community group and their level of need - or whether the customer is a straight-forward commercial business.  And we may even do it for free if we believe the organisation needs that sort of support.

Everyone needs marketing - every business, voluntary group or charity needs to be noticed.

So, you're a hard-nosed, profit oriented business. There's nothing wrong with that - it's what makes the world go around. Why should you bother with this stuff?

Because Vi. offers you the opportunity to stay focused on your business and pay in hard cash - while at the same time gaining the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to support and develop your local community. And you'll probably go home that night feeling just that bit better for it!

But wait...there's more..

Pay a commercial price and there will be bonuses!  We haven't dreamed them up yet but they'll be there..

Pay a commercial price and we will say nice things, really nice things about you everywhere we can.  Reputation is everything these days and we can help boost yours.