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Dinner In The Dark


Discover For Yourself How The Loss Of Just One Of Your Senses Affects How You Experience The World.

Do you have customers or service users with physical disabilities 
coming to your premises?

Do YOU know what their problems are like?

  • The difficulties and frustrations they have to cope with?
  • What is it like to carry out the most basic functions when you cannot see?
  • The frustration of learning to cope with such difficulties?

Now you can not only:

  • Improve your professional skills
  • Learn how those with physical disabilities cope - and what you can do to help
  • Make new contacts in your profession and friends in your community
  • ..and have a great night out!

To find out more and to learn how to improve your professional skills
when dealing with service users with physical disabilities , come along to
"Dinner In The Dark "
on Friday 10th June at Dewsbury's Sensory World Cafe
when you can discover just how hard life can be without all your senses.

Just eating can be a problem.
Never mind getting the food from the kitchen to the table!