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Marketing With Heart

Just because it's a racetrack doesn't mean you have to be an Olympian!

We deliver effective marketing services to meet the needs of both business and 3rd sector organisations of all shapes and sizes

Finding New Ways To Deliver More..

Everyone wants the maximum bang for their buck.  But sometimes there aren't so many bucks to go around.  
Vi promotions works with our clients to find ways to deliver more than just a service and a bill to be paid. 

What We Do

Full blooded commercial marketing for businesses - to help fund promotion and engagement activities for voluntary, charity and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations

Who We Are

VI promotions is a marketing agency aiming to contribute more than just marketing.  Click here to find out more.

Our Clients


Doing It Now

Vi promotions aims to draw together the strings to all sorts of voluntary and community projects in Dewsbury and the West Yorkshire area.

One of the major problems for such projects is the difficulty of communication and simply the knowledge of who is doing what. While we find our feet, Vi promotions provides a platform for various projects to find each other and explore the benefits that could arise from working together.

It won't be perfect and it certainly won't be correct - but it might be useful. And we're not waiting until somebody else sorts out the problems for us. We're doing it now.