About - Vipromotions

Vipromotions is:

  • a marketing agency dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients using online and offline marketing strategies and;
  • a social enterprise seeking to achieve more by our efforts than just a profit for the company and;
  • a focus of local regeneration efforts for the Dewsbury area and throughout Kirklees and;
  • a service for 3rd sector organisations who may not be able to afford commercial marketing services.

Vipromotions is a self starting, entrepreneurial business aiming to achieve maximum benefit to the community rather than just maximum profit for itself. It is the brainchild of Paul Burr, FRSA, founder of the CAN-do Project and created by a group of individuals sharing skills and resources who want to achieve more by their efforts than just taking home a paycheck,

The principles adopted for our business are:

  • To make profits from normal commercial business - because you can't support other people if you can't support yourself.
  • Be successful at what we do ~ by being good at what we do.
  • Create work and jobs
  • Use the 'Pay as you Feel' principle where possible.  Pay with whatever you have got rather than the money that you haven't.
  • Support those needing it whether they are individuals or organisations.

Support from the RSA

The effort to develop job creating opportunities in Dewsbury stemmed from a meeting of Fellows of the RSA (The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) held in Dewsbury in April 2014 .

 Drawing together Yorkshire based Fellows to network and to exchange ideas on potential job creation activities in Dewsbury and throughout Kirklees.